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Founder and Director of
HealthStyles LLC

"I am committed to a life of service. I hope to guide others toward the life they want. My training, philosophy, and my life practices enable me to offer help for physical, emotional, mental, behavioral, and spiritual health."


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About Us

Rebecca Bode is a licensed psychologist, a sport psychologist, and a life coach. A seasoned school psychologist / administrator with over 40 years experience in public education and private practice, and an adjunct faculty in psychology at a local college.

Rebecca's diverse skills in physical, emotional, and spiritual arenas are integrated by her comprehensive training and by a commitment to her own health and wellness. She is a marathon and triathlon participant and has practiced the spiritual disciplines of meditation and yoga.

As a two-time cancer survivor she demonstrates the will to live and knows first hand the fight required to move through the extensive process of recovery.

Her professional goal is to help others balance mind and body by enhancing physical health, mental health, and general well-being.

  • Inspire people to create healthy lifestyles
  • Challenge people to transform themselves, their relationships, and their lives
  • Motivate recreational athletes to focus and improve their mental skills
  • Support people to manage anxiety and stress
  • Direct others through adjustments to major life events:
    • divorce
    • death of a loved one
    • parenthood

Education: Rebecca earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees from John Carroll University. She earned her Ph.D. degree from Kent State University. Her advanced clinical training in Behavioral Medicine is from the Mind/Body Institute certified through the Department of Continuing Education of Harvard Medical School.