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Philosophy of Human Behavior at HealthStyles LLC:

For growth and moving forward, our mind, body and spirit engages our courage, will, and strength within as well as accessing support from our external environment. Although our personality is generally stable over our lifetime, behavioral changes and transformation is possible. Inherited characteristics and our environment converge together to influence our behavior, lifestyles, and life choices.

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Strategic Techniques

A myriad of methods are utilized in the therapeutic work. To help lead a joyful life, a combination of education, insight, cognitive-behavioral and behavioral medicine approaches are integrated such as self-awareness strategies, coping strategies, self-talk, mindfulness and breathing techniques, meditation, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, affirmations, reflection, self-examination, journal writing and other creative expressive arts, exercise or body movement, and self-examination.

Psychological Services

Psychotherapy provided by Rebecca Bode, Ph.D.

Rebecca’s work is at the intersection of physical and psychological health. She also works at connecting the spiritual values of the east and psychological insights of the west: a mind, body, spirit approach.

The art and science of psychotherapy will assist you in meeting your human goals. By engaging in an authentic therapeutic relationship you can

  • acquire self-understanding
  • heal profound psychological distress
  • address troublesome behaviors
  • achieve a balance and quality of life.
Reasons to Contact HealthStyles Therapeutic Results
Relationship issues:
  • communication
  • interpersonal conflicts
Develop strong vital relationships
Emotional Issues:
  • mood 
  • anxiety, anger, panic 
  • depression or suicidal thoughts
Heal emotions, seek recovery

 Life Transitions & Stress:

Cope with

  • divorce & remarriage
  • parenthood
  • grief & bereavement
  • stress management
 Improve function & quality of life

Treatment Approach

  • Research-based: Using the most current theory and a strong empirical base to provide caring, high quality and effective psychological services.
  • Collaborative: an active interplay is designed between client and therapist when the client helps set the agenda and participates in the direction of the therapeutic process; in addition, other involved parties are included as appropriate such as parents, schools, and referring physicians.
  • Strength-based: treatment utilizes skills, strengths, and resources of the client to further growth and change
  • Individualized: techniques and strategies are aligned with each client’s and or family’s needs along with level of willingness and readiness
  • Goal driven: treatment is goal driven and focused to accomplish the healing and growth process efficiently and effectively