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"Having Becky as your weight-loss coach 
will make the difference to help make it work.
Losing weight by yourself makes a difficult task even harder. With Becky in your corner, you finally feel like you WILL succeed."
A Successful weight-loss client

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Weight Loss Coach

When "Just Do It" Doesn't Work For You!

As a Weight-Loss Coach, we work together for you to:

Receive the support to get started, stay with it or move to the next level on your weight management journey.

Find your motivational bull's eye. Dig deep to find what is driving your effort to live a healthy lifestyle and lose the weight.

Set goals for a healthy lifestyle. Create action steps for healthy eating and an exercise regimen that matches your level of fitness.

Learn the difference between hunger, desire, and cravings and use mind-body techniques to intervene.

Discover the sabotaging thoughts that interfere with your goals and train the brain with helpful thinking.

Explore the resistance and obstacles that impede successful weight loss.

Implement general concept and dietary guidelines for healthy eating.

Learn to think like a thin person.

Get ready to weigh in!