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Life Coaching Specialty: 
creating Health and a Balanced Life


mental, intellectual, educational, financial
Body: healthy eating, supplements, exercise/activity, sleep/rest
Spirit: social, leisure, spiritual – nature, beauty, art, music, service
Other: family, career


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Life Coach

Unleash talents, energy, and enthusiasm with
Life Coaching to increase goal attainment, well-being, and hope
Provided by Rebecca Bode, Ph.D.

What a Life Coach can do for you

  • Transform Possibilities & Dreams into Reality
  • Create a Powerful Future
  • Pull you toward your Life Purpose & connect it to Health, Work and Life
  • Inspire You to Live Your Best Life

How a Life Coach can help you

  • Provides a mutual Commitment with Authenticity
  • Acts as a Source of Accountability
  • Offers Assessments
  • Clarifies Vision & Priorities
  • Challenges your Perspective and Expands your Point of View
  • Guides you out of your Comfort zone & beyond your Limits

Benefits & Results of Participating with a Life Coach

  • Develop Bold Promises for taking care of self
  • Target Stretch Goals (i.e. healthy eating) to create your impossible future
  • Design Action Plans ( i.e. fit fitness into your busy schedule)
  • Set Timeframes to track progress
  • Voice Bold Declarations to formalize your commitment
  • Recognize What you “Listen For” to change set patterns
  • Practice techniques for easing stress to Stress Less
  • Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot to stop shooting yourself in the foot