sport psychology services

Mental Skills Training for peak athletic performance and satisfaction provided by Rebecca Bode, Ph.D.

Rebecca began her own athletic endeavors at 3 years old as a dancer. In high school she ran track against the high school boys to improve her 440 time and ran hurdles in the junior Olympics. In college she found an athletic outlet on an intercollegiate basketball team. She has been a water safety instructor and part-time aerobics instructor and also was recruited for a community co-ed soccer league. As a runner, she qualified for Boston on her first marathon attempt and completed a triathlon for her 50th birthday. She celebrated her school system retirement by biking across northern Spain.  She has been a recreational golf and tennis player and has practiced the disciplines of Yoga and T’ai Chi.

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Sport Psychology

Mind “Games” (mental exercises & skills)
determine your Physical Game

The interplay between Mind and Body creates the ultimate athletic experience: the mind is focused, attentive and the body is on - you are “in the flow” on the court, ice, field, links, bike, pool, slopes, or run.

Sport Psychology uses psychological skills to train athletes for optimal performance, to enhance the well-being of athletes, to foster the developmental and social aspects of sports participation, and to address the systemic issues associated with sports settings and organizations.

Sport Psychologists are NOT just for Olympic athletes
Persons and Groups Served:

  • Youth / High School / Intercollegiate athletes
  • Recreational / Professional / Master / Elite athletes
  • Injured athletes
  • People interested in Getting Started with an Athletic Endeavor
  • People who are involved with, but not directly participating in the athlete’s sport

What a Sport Psychologist can help you do:

  • Hone your Mental Skills for Peak Performance
  • Achieve Powerful Results with Targeted Goal Setting
  • “See yourself win” using Visualization & Relaxation techniques
  • Combat mental and emotional barriers using productive self-talk
  • Maximize Concentration and Attention
  • Control Competition Anxiety
  • Manage Emotions in sport: Anxiety, Anger, Loss
  • Accelerate athletic Motivation
  • Recognize and Overcome Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, Fear of Looking Bad
  • Use Weight management interventions as needed

Let’s get your brain in the game,
or in the run, or on the bike…
whatever your passion,
achieve peak performance
with mental training and
relaxation techniques.